I primarily teach research methods and statistics in the social and behavioral sciences. In particular, I teach graduate courses in research design and analysis, and I have taught several courses related to social psychology, experimental research, and computer applications in psychology. I teach a community-based seminar course on revenge and forgiveness as well as a study-abroad course (in Japan & China) on cultural differences in conflict resolution.

My general approach to teaching is to provide meaningful learning experiences for my students through transformational learning, community-based learning, and project-based learning. I encourage students to become social trustees of knowledge, giving back to the community that supported them in their learning process. The culmination of this approach is the Florida Data Science for Social Good internship program at UNF.

In 2006, I took on the role as Director of the Office of Faculty Enhancement at UNF. In this role, I support faculty in the development of engaging and evidence-based teaching practices. I provide faculty development workshops and maintain a faculty development blog called thecurrent.

In 2019, I took on the leadership of the Center for Community-Based Learning. Community-engagement and project-based learning has become a signature of my teaching philosophy. Community-based learning matches academic learning with personal growth and development, all while serving the needs of our community.